RipperBJ Fuck wAudioCumshot



American / Houston, TX
8:28 min - Sep 14 - .WMV - 68.18 MB


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You've all been whining at me for another hardcore fuck session with my Dominant friend Ripper, and I've gotten a lot of requests for a new couples video with audio &/or a cumshot, so I've given you all exactly what you want! This video contains a bj with compelled deepthroating & hair pulling, fucking in 2 positions (doggy style from the side and missionary with legs to shoulders from the side), loud audio, alcohol sipping, a huge cumshot all over me (face, tits, stomach, hair), & loud, clear audio with moaning from both of us! 8:28, 1131kbps, 320x240, but only 29.97fps so it's a little blurry during the hardcore action. The audio more than makes up for it though!