Goth Fuck 2



American / Portland, OR
22:05 min - Sep 14 - .WMV - 174.97 MB


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The second half of the video "Goth Fuck" with a lanky-but-muscular stoner dude I've known since childhood. The lighting in this isn't great, because my old camcorder sucks, and there's a few digital errors.This half is 22:05 long, 640x480, & 1088kbps. This video has loud clear audio, and I'm in my sexy goth girl get up. My boyfriend behind the camera gives you a full first person view, complete with dialog. It's just what it'd be like to get teased, sucked off then fuck me! In this half we walk upstairs to get dirty in the bedroom, then I suck him off while hanging off the bed, and he fucks the ever loving shit out of me. GOD this boy has some energy and stamina! If you like it fast, hard, and rough, you HAVE to see this! My ankles spend a ton of time up in the air while I'm wearing those sexy vinyl stilleto boots and knee high stockings as well while he drills his huge cock into me over and over. Finally he busts all over my face, and I give you a nice close up of the result.