Goth Fuck Part 1



American / Portland, OR
24:56 min - Sep 14 - .WMV - 197.43 MB


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The first half of the video "Goth Fuck" with a lanky-but-muscular stoner dude I've known since childhood. The lighting in this isn't great, because my old camcorder sucks indoors. There's also a few brief digital errors in this, but it's too good a video not to share. This half is 24:56 long, 640x480, & 1088kbps. This video has loud clear audio, and I'm in my sexy goth girl get up. My boyfriend behind the camera gives you a full first person view, complete with dialog. It's just what it'd be like to get teased, sucked off then fuck me! I gobble down his huge cock with my black lipstick on, then fuck him from just about any angle we can come up with. I've got sexy slutty vinyl bitch ankle boots on the whole time as well. Lots of close ups, genuine reactions, face shots, & bouncing tits while being fucked.