Pedal Pumping Silver Sandals Red Nails

6:09 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 371.04 MB


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Brittany Lynn is at it again and out to do some pedal pumping in her Honda Civic Si. This time around she has on her silver strapy sandals with her toenails painted red and she is ready to blaze around the town. She starts off a bit slow, but once she gets into a bit more open road she really starts to pick up the speed and the shifting. She slams the accelerator and the clutch pedals with her feet and even does double clutching and heel toe moves. She shifts fast and and moves through the gears with precision and smoking hot feet all at the same time. She also revvs the engine at times just to make her feel more exhilarated. Once more this hottie has proved that speed and beauty really do go together. Included in this clip: Pedal Pumping, Toenail Polish Fetish, Red Toenail Polish, Foot Fetish, Strapy Sandals, Slam Accelerator Pedal, Stomp Clutch Pedal, Engine Revving, Blondes, Shifting, Honda Civic Si, Brittany Lynn