Fairies with CherryCrush

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20,648 5.0
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Gefogef Sep 11 2016

Peter Pan didn't say this happened in never never land. Tinker Bell has nothing on these two the queen of cam Lena and the best cosplay artist ever Cherry. Wow

MistressGeisha Jul 4 2016

How beautiful , pretty and hot!

Nikki Eliot Jan 9 2016

This is beautiful!!!! :)

LenaSpanks Mar 23 2016

thanks babe! :)

Gefogef - Top reviewer Sep 11 2016
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This is one of the best quality videos you'll buy on this site by any of the performers. The care that has gone into every aspect is amazing. From the beautiful set design (which looks like a pink doll house)to the care taken in selecting the costumes (the pink and purple compliment each other beautifully and the nearly there lace OMG) even the make up, Lena even has a eye for the little things (her gently trimmed pussy, perfection in my eyes). i love the way we move through this video, from passionate kissing and caressing, to writhing against each other, in the most amazing scissor climax ever seen. So buy it sit back relax and just let Lena, and Cherry take you through a mystical orgasmic adventure.

idontknowname Apr 21 2016
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Just as advertised and ridiculously hot! I also really appreciate the effort put into the costume and decor.

Two fairies exploring each others bodies playfully. Kissing, finger play, oral, toys, orgasm, & more!! ** Muted & sped up for preview **