Slutty Mom Rides Son

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Alyssa Reece

Canadian / Vancouver
876 5.0
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Pingguy2938 - Top reviewer Dec 24 2015
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Hot video Mommy tasting sons cum... Yeah that is Moms fantasy in this clip.. This is a great fantasy I am sure you will love it as Alyssa talks very dirty to make U cum all over her hand

Mother comes into her son's room, Her hair is a bit messy and she is a little sweaty - she has already had sex tonight. She sits on the side of his bed and through the entire conversation talks as if she can't be too loud - she might wake up dad. Do you want to tell me what that was about?I know you were peeping at your father and I! What do you have to say for yourself?A boy your age shouldn't be trying to sneak a peak at his own mother! You're lucky that your dad didn't catch you! Now tell me the truth, this isn't the first time that you've tried to spy on daddy and I is it? I hear you sneaking around pretty much every time we make love.Do you... jerk off to us? You don't have to lie sweetie. I wash your sheets remember? And I know it must be hard, listening to your mom getting fucked night after night. Hearing me moan,the headboard slamming against the wall.. hearing me cum. Do you stroke yourself off imagining it was you in there with me? Contains: Mommy/Son, Taboo,& Simulated Sex.