The ultimate weeklong slave training

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173 5.0
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Mistress Camilla was the first Mistress I have ever performed slave tasks for and she was amazing! There were a couple times where I was disobedient and her punishments were very unique and humiliating. However, I was greatly rewarded whenever I behaved and performed her tasks. The task given was a CEI and she did an amazing job building up to it and making me follow through with it. He work was legendary and I hope that she will accept me back as a slave. Thank you Mistress Camilla for being my first owner.

If you ever wanted to get special attention from me like: texting daily, 4bused by me (...) buy this item! Watch the clip (or at least read this description ) to know the rules! This program is personalized, so before we start your training we should talk over your limits and fetishes. Youll get permission to text with me daily on a platform you choose. Youll get intense attention from me for a week ! You have to do different tasks and humiliating things that are specifically suited you. :) I enjoy doing this so much , so I do not really know my limits as a dominant. :D *Muhahhahaha* Nothing is mandatory so before we begin the game we will discuss everything ! If you love to be blackmailed or **** we can use social media (youll see some examples in this clip) for that. If you only want to play in private, I will also respect your decision. Variations and ideas of the sessions are endless. If you bought this item youll get a week long personalized experience! If you have any questions send me a private message, via the store's message system.