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ggg212 Nov 21

Mind blowing. I really want to see you pleasure yourself wearing a soft, supple, pair of wrist length leather gloves and heels.  That would be so hot;)

hey from sd

Ballom21 Sep 11
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The perfect example of “Cumbustion”. The vid is absolutely robust, but just a slight pointer. If the camera was in the right area at those right times you came, it will bring home the Gold. Still A must-watch vid!! 32 minutes of pure lust and satisfaction. The dirty talking, the moves, and just the whole vibe of the video makes it a classic! Gorgeous and AMAZING,

nygayboy deleted - Top reviewer Feb 9
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lil b loves

chipandmattel - Top reviewer Dec 7
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She cums many times and sexy doing it!!

windboy Sep 14
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Best video I have seen. Keep up the good work!

I cum using each one of my favourite toys. I change my shoes/heels with each toy! I get very creamy throughout the video and even squirt a little bit at the end! It's my first recorded squirt, but it doesn't shoot like a porn star. It's more of a dribble. Sorry! As for dirty talk, I demand you to watch my pussy as you smell my cunt on my panties, then I demand you to do some things with your tongue ;)