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Freebie Tuesday

fun with the fuck machine

6,397 4.9
6,397 4.9
15:56 min - Sep 17 - .MP4 - 1.36 GB - 1280x720 HD


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cccccccccccccccc - Top reviewer Sep 25 2015
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Just buy it and jerk off to it, you know you want to. PS: nice hat

chillypenguin - Top reviewer Jun 24 2016
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uh oh, rise of the machines :) Eevee takes on her fuck machine but is quickly subdued and gets fucked in different positions. Great moaning and sexy to watch as Eevee finishes herself off with her Hitachi. <3

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 20 2015
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Loved it, Eevee is hot, cute and how can you beat a hot girl and a fuck machine.

blueblue72 Sep 18 2015
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Nothing better than seeing Eve get drilled by a fuck machine. Worth purchasing. Highly recommend it.

i start by letting the machine face fuck me. then i let it take me in two different angles till i cum/ squirt.