Your Boss Daughter

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Ashley Sinclair

American / Clearwater
562 5.0
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arie14 Oct 6 2015
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need part 2 anal would good xxxx

Your bosses bratty daughter comes home from cheer practice in her jersey (with no bra of course) and tight little spandex shorts. You've never seen her that she wasn't bitching about something and today she wants to get in the pool because she is hot and sweaty from cheer practice. She complains for you to stop eating your lunch and get the pool cover off for her so she can take a dip in the pool. Obviously you cannot stop staring at her perfect ass in those shorts as she removes her shoes.... and then to your surprise she removes h er jersey exposing her perfect HUGE perky tits. How does a high school girl have tits like that already? She notices you cant seem to gather your thoughts to get the pool cover off for her so she tells you to just jerk your cock to her high school pussy and relieve yourself so you can hurry the fuck up. She loves showing off and she loves seeing rock hard cocks spurt the white goo and she knows masturbating with her fingers always makes that happen. So she