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Trish Collins

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Trish Collins + Black cock = very high eroticism 💣💥

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Who would not want to be in detention with the most beautiful girl in school? Well if it's one of your fantasies Trish makes you live by playing a nice little game while doing JOI. As with each of these videos it takes us into his world filled with carnal pleasure. In this video Trish is still beautiful, sensual and playful. She shows us all her talent as an actress with a final at the top. If I had to add one last thing is that I can not wait to see his new video and so be again bring maximum pleasure.

You may know by now that one of my biggest fantasy is about schoolgirls - i went back to my abandoned school last week, and shot another JOI for you guys. This time I’m the nasty student being kept in detention with you; since the teachers are away, I’m looking for a way to get some entertainment, and what’s funnier and cheesier than a “truth or dare” game ? Watch me as I’m giving you instructions, trying to get you hornier and hornier, and acting kinkier and kinkier; the JOI ends with a blowjob scene and a countdown. Keep in mind that the cumshot scene is not explicitely featured in the video (the toy can’t ejaculate). Hope you will like it. :)