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POV You come in the bedroom and see me laying on bed without panties under my short skirt.I do still have my nike air max sneakers on. You get out your cock and start talking to me. What do you want darling, i am really tired.Because i am facedown i do not see that you are there with a hard on.I lift my head up to look at you.Ohhh you are horny babes?I lay down on my back and tell you i still have my shoes. Ishow them to you and ask if you want to take them off. You say that you like them and i can give you a shoejob with them! I lift up my top and skirt so you can see my hard nipples and wet pussy. I stroke your cock with my sneakers and touch my self. While i give you your footjob i tell you that you should have brought a toy for me, so i could have played with myself so we could cum together. Mmm you like my black nikes, yes? Can you imagine your cum all over them? I want you to cum on them, don't be scared of making them dirty!
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