Kissing Cousins Take It Farther MP4

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1,230 5.0
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Wetstephanie - Top reviewer Oct 11
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Such an awesome video by a great model

Your cousin has been teasing you for years, and finally the two of you manage to sneak off and practice kissing on each other. She's pretty hot, and you don't feel that bad about her being on you since you're only just cousins. It's not like you'll get in trouble, right? Well, she tells you that she enjoys kissing you, but that she's had other ideas. Her friend suggested she get a thong, and she shows you the straps peeking out above her jeans. They are riding so high, and she laughs at herself before taking off the jeans. Your cock hops at the sight of her bare ass as she strips off the thong too. You aren't sure about this... even more so when she spreads her pussy lips and says she's really wet.