My Birthday Story



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On my birthday, we inflated a lot of balloons. They were so pretty and big! After they were all inflated, she did allow me to choose 3 balloons. She tied them with a ribbon and hung them in my bedroom window to keep them safe. During the party, several balloons fell and were quickly popped. At the end of the party, 2 girls from class stayed to help us clean up. We saved the remaining balloons for last. The girls didn't want to take a balloon home with them, so my mom asked if they would help pop them. The girls laughed and said, "Really?" My mom told them that these balloons were not staying. "Okay, sure why not!" I stayed back while the girls popped the balloons fast! In less than 20 seconds the balloons were gone. After they left, my mom noticed a green balloon that had been set aside during the party. She told me to go get a needle. I begged her to let me keep it..... Will she let me keep it? Involves nail pop, sit pop!