The Best Birthday Party Ever



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I tell you a balloon story while also reenacting it. I went to visit my friend Emily one day. She had a birthday a few days back, but she had to cancel her party because she wasn't feeling good. She was feeling a lot better when I got there. Her mom had a great idea to throw a birthday party right then for her. Just the 3 of us. It ended up being one of the best birthday parties ever! We inflated big balloons while her mom made cookies in the kitchen for us. Her mom said, "What kind of birthday party is this? None of the balloons got popped! Someone needs to volunteer to be the mean one that pops the balloons!" I was too afraid to pop them, so I didn't move. My friend Emily gets up to jump pop a balloon and we all cheer! After a while her mom said, "Do you want to help me pop the rest of the balloons or shall I pop all of them myself? Whoever pops the most balloons will get a present!" Watch the clip to find out what happens next! Lots of sit popping plus some pin popping