RETIRING 31/12*Thigh High Boots Orgasm

2,601 5.0

Luna Roux

British / England
2,601 5.0
13:50 min - Sep 19 2015 - .MP4 - 460.04 MB


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Geekabled Sep 30 2015

Luna is an incredibly sexy beautiful woman and this is an amazing video. The boots really show off her legs.

wattsy90 May 27 2016
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WOW out of this world this girl is Fire!!!!! Totally amazing end of!!

Lossow Apr 5 2016
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Don't be a twat, just buy this bloody video, if you don't you are a fool

ajj398 Apr 3 2016
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Luna Roux looking flawless as always, those long leather boots showing off her creamy white thighs.

They are clearly turning her on as she begins to tease and then begins to fuck herself.

Her sensual voice moaning out as she plays, the moans escaping from those perfect red lips as she cums.

This woman is special

HanlonBiscuit Oct 31 2015
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Gorgeous redhead? Check. Thigh-high leather boots? Check. Some spanking and a fantastic orgasm? Check and check. You need this vid!

badtaste99 Oct 5 2015
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very sexy. luna is a stunning beauty!

tmedia Oct 1 2015
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Maybe my favourite! LOVE the close angles at the start of the film.

I received some insanely hot thigh high boots as a gift and I'm completely in love! So in love that I decided to wear them to fuck myself. Watch me tease you while I undress from my little silky slip down to just my killer, thigh high boots. I tease myself with my fingers and spank myself hard with my paddle. Then I fuck myself with a glass toy, bent over on all fours to give you a perfect view of my little ass while I moan into the bedsheets. I have an incredible orgasm using just my fingers and a glass toy, you really don't want to miss this