Morning glory JOI HD

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British / London
3,112 5.0
7:13 min - Jun 09 - .MP4 - 1.02 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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1tommo Sep 19 2015

wowww i almost shot off watching the preview,must get this one

jojothe23 - Top reviewer Jan 1
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Great way to wake up this morning

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Wow, this is the best joi video I've see. She really know how to talk dirty, and how to make you cum hard. She tells you what to do while looking at you with her gorgeous brown eyes, her cum eyes are to die for, this is a must video.

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I probably wouldn’t be Strong enough To resist Epiphany666cb With her head game skills as she is amazing

I3igSAM Dec 16 2016
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Starts you off fast to get you going, then eases you into it so you can enjoy the moment.

Plus, she is stunning! Which really sped to process along and by the end I was begging to shoot.

5/5 would recommend

peecee2 - Top reviewer Aug 14 2016
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Timing and dirty talk are absolutely spot on. Great stuff.

oq____69 - Top reviewer Aug 6 2016
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Joy for the all DAy <3 ,Great JOI videos

RKCobra Jun 2 2016
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love this video watch it all the time

CaineZilla May 21 2016
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From start to finish I ached to be the man you were thinking about when you made this! You're beautiful accent, you're sultry voice, your amazing big brown eyes and your screen presence made this absolutely perfect! Anyone who loves JOI clips will NOT be disappointed at all! 5 ***** ;)

Jamesman - Top reviewer May 3 2016
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Really loved this video! Your dirty talking & JOI was so spot on. And I really love your voice & accent too. Super sexy :D. If anyone is thinking about getting this clip, just go for it. Trust me, you won't regret it :).

Epiphany666cb May 3 2016

Wow thank you so much for your lovely comments and 5 star review :) I am so happy you enjoyed so much :x

SadisticWizard deleted - Top reviewer Nov 25 2015
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Be a good boy and do as Epiphany says. Stare into her beautiful brown eyes and concentrate on her sexy British voice as she gives you step-by-step instructions on how to take care of yourself. No who wants to wake up and play JOI games with her? I know I do!

Epiphany666cb Nov 27 2015

Awww thank you so much!! I am glad you enjoyed this video. I greatly appreciate your feedback. I have sent you a personal message with a little thank you xoxo

hexgar - Top reviewer Sep 21 2015
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Has to be one of the hottest joi i have ever watched cant waite for more

My first ever JOI!! Woke up feeling horny, you will love this jerk off instruction, just like I am there jerking you. I am very descriptive on what I want you to do. Are you strong enough to stop when I say and allow me to edge you to the best orgasm you've had yet
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