Naughty GirlScout

4,797 5.0


4,797 5.0
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Potranca Fina
Potranca Fina deleted Dec 5 2015

Hey babe! I left you lots of hearth!! hope yo the same in my page! great work by the way honey .. you make me horny. lets collaborate in a vid.. muahhzzz!

ebfunk Jan 26 2016
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what a perfect vid. After giving a arousing BJ that sounds as good as it looks this fun sexpot fucks her box creamy(yummy). The perfect amount of dirty talk,a little to start the vid and building up till the amazing orgasm. And what an orgasm. Love watching this girl cum.

sems1193 Jul 4 2017
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This beautiful girl lying back with her legs spread wide has got to be one of the most gorgeous views. I know you're looking at that price tag and thinking "Hmm, could this really be worth it?" Long story short: yes. You get to see her do fellatio on a dildo POV style (and what an adorable face she has), you get to see that beautiful view I mentioned earlier, you get to see her squirm in pleasure for a good amount of the video, and to finish her orgasm is nothing short of contagious. It's a great watch.

nothing42 Apr 14 2017
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this is seriously the best video ever. I have come back and watched this one again and again. way more than any other video I own. it's perfect and amazing and I can't fully explain why. everyone should buy it

mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 20 2017
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Fun leg twitching ORGASM with great view of all the action and face gasms!

zachsawyer32 Dec 2 2016
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This is fine fantasy role play. Kitteh is such a petite powerhouse, able to bring everyone witnessing to shaking orgasm. Get through this and don't blam, impossible

what does a girlscout need to do to get you to buy some girl scout cookies?! 10 MIN video includes sucking, fucking, and even dirty talk! If you look close enough I get creamy while I'm fucking my realistic dildo and have an amazing orgasm! definitely my best video yet