9/15 CamShow Dolphin Erotica & Dancing

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Alex Coal

American / alexcoal69@gmail.com
835 5.0
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MikkyG59 Mar 14 2016

Alex this sound so sexy.  I love dancing and booty shaking.  you look super sexy being Asian and wearing glasses.

Sololover Dec 6 2015

Probably the best video I have ever caused to happen! Even dolphin erotica is sexy when it is read by Alex Coal!
- Solo

nazgul520 Oct 8 2016
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This video is a great representation of Alex's Cam shows, both funny and erotic. She reads Dolphin erotica, making some very fun and funny comments along the way. The video then follows with Ms Coal dancing and getting wonderfully naked. If you have not seen Alex dance you are missing out on of one of lives greatest pleasures. The video ends with you waiting for her to go full Ariel.
As side note if your wandering if Alex's Nerdy/geek thing is real A copy of the board game Arkham Horror sits on shelve behind her, nuff said.

I'm wearing crotchless panties and a lace bra in this clip from my 9/18/15 camshow! My guys were sending me dolphin erotica in their tip notes and we had an absolute blast with it! (Solo started it!) So you get to hear me read some random and funny erotica, then watch me show off my perky breasts before I dance to Bey's song "Partition". I have no rights to the music (obviously). Enjoy hilarity followed by booty shaking and hip wiggling! Someone tips me to dance to "Under The Sea" at the end, but that's for another video. ;D
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Alex Coal
American / alexcoal69@gmail.com
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Alex Coal
American / alexcoal69@gmail.com
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