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Robo Wife: Mortal Malfunction Glitch-out

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998 4.8
17:15 min - Sep 20 - .WMV - 1.18 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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RI_bot Sep 20

If you haven't bought any of her videos yet make this your first! I commissioned this one and it hits every mark! Malfunctions, uncanny valley looks, blank stares, audio effects, it's got it all! 

I swear she might just be a real gynoid. Don't take my word for it see for yourself!

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A lovely robot video! The vocal effects are a nice touch. Ani's wardrobe, hair, and makeup are sexy, and the scenario is a great setup for a robot fantasy. Can't wait to see more!

CJproof Nov 10
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Cool voice effects to show malfunctioning, great movements and twitching and glitching!

blox242 Nov 21
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Definitely one of my favorites. The sound effects were spot on, and a perfect use of props for a charging cable going to the right spots. Excellent glitchy movements

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One of the best robotic performances I've seen. I would love to have her as my glitchy robot wife.

Thank you! <3


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I really enjoyed this video. The specificity and focus in Ani's performance that makes her believable as a robot . The vocal effects also added to the impression that we are witnessing a machine malfunctioning. Kudos!

Salud indeed!!!

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Great clip, good story and very well performed with some nice and under used vocal special effects. The general premis is in keeping with the theme of this clip. All in all, loved it and will be keeping an eye on future productions.

Lithorien deleted Jan 9
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Ani is excellent with glitching, gradual breakdown, and a fun vision of what a robot's last moments might consist of in the electronic 'brain'. Well done, and quite enjoyable.

tully24 Dec 3
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Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I found her movements and speech patterns very well done. I didn't like the fact that you're essentially getting "half" a video, as the second part of the vid is some sort of music-video montage.

Other than that, it's very well done.

The second half was what she saw flash in her AI brain as she completely shut down.  Robots may not go to heaven, but I figured maybe they might see images and visions of stuff as they completely break andshut down.  Sorry upu felt hewed.  I spent a lot of time on that part of it.  I thought it was artistically touched with some cool visual imagery.  Unlike most fembot vids out there, I thought it added something unique to the plate.  Butagain, I fall short.  Not a shocker.

Apologies you felt like that, let me know if I can do anything to fix your woes and aid in fixing the situation.

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If you are curious about Ani's robot videos and are on the fence about which one to pick up...make it this one. Ani is gorgeous here and she takes on the characteristics and movements of a machine so good in this one. Great vocal effects, great outfits, perfect mannerisms aas she slowly but surely breaks down. I want a million sequels. Love it!

SIDE NOTE: the last 1/3 of this video is a special fx scene that represents images flashing through her system before she completely shuts down. its my take on the whole 'life flashes before you' people supposedly get before you pass away. im not saying she is going to 'heaven'. its just my artists take on if a robot were to have visions before they completely shut down this is just a take on a possible scenerio. <3<3<3 Kandy's husband returns home from work to find his wifebot charging after going out for upgrades. Voice-activated by his arrival, she begins to experience increasingly serious glitches. Note: I bringeth to you redemption. I know the last robo vid I did was not a huge hitter, BUT *drum roll* I come bearing treasure! #fembot #robo #wifebot #robo #robot #bot #sexbot #malfunction #malfunctioning #glitching #glitch #glitches #android #machine #droid #fatal #ai #artificial-intelligence #leotard #golden #metallic #bodice #teddy #false-eyelashes #eyelash #fetish #longhair #eye-contact #brunette #long-hair #futuristic #scifi #sci-fi #cleavage #roleplay #special-effects #lips #hips #curvy #hourglass #thighs #tanned #tan #big-tits #big-boobs #thick #high-heels #wife #lipstick #makeup #curves #real-doll #living-doll #plastic #jewels #jewelled #twitch #twitching #freeze #error #thighs #legs #calf #calves #calf-muscle #ink #fantasy #fantasies #damsel-in-distress #dream #dreamy #ani-erotika #aniz-korner