Bratty Sister Steals Your Stash!

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
16:59 min - Sep 21 - .MP4 - 261.10 MB


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Your younger sister is home alone. Like the brat she is, she's gone through your room and found your stash! She giggles, loading the water pipe and talking about how she's for sure going to get away with it! She coughs, this stuff is a lot stronger than what she's used to! Soon enough she's all floaty and horny as hell- she checks to make sure the door is locked... but accidentally unlocks it in the process. She pulls her shirt up revealing her full ripe titties. She starts rubbing her pussy, grabbing her tits- until she hears your motorcycle! She convinces herself it's too early for you to get home, so she continues playing.... She doesn't even notice you walk in at first! When she does she covers her tits up- flustered, surprised and paranoid! She's worried you'll tell your church group since you can't tell mom and dad. She can't have her reputation ruined, not by her own brother! She makes a deal- you can watch her cum if you don't tell a soul!! While she's masturbating she teases y