Your Best Friends Girlfriend

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Piper Kush

Canadian / Canada
197 4.0
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grin4mycamera - Top reviewer Oct 31 2015
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I keep repeating myself, hot girl, great ass, sexy cute voice, great acting, spank-bank approved!

You're a really good friend to your buddy. His girl friend really wanted to go out and he got sick. Rather than let her down (again) he asks you to take her out. But after a fun night out she just wants more! She says going out on dates isn't the only thing he's not been doing! She's was going to leave him because she needs to fucked and filled...unless you can work something out? She is seducing you and wants to cheat on her boyfriend. At least if it was with you she says she won't leave him... why not make her cum and give her what she needs? For your friend! (dirty talking, dildo riding, vibrator, cheating role play, cum)