Best Friend Zone Ever

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Ashley Sinclair

American / Clearwater
830 5.0
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Your best friend, Ashley, is a girl and you are a guy. It sucks being in the friend zone because you know you'll never date her. But you get access to her all the time. You were just over her house hanging at the pool with her. She let you come in her room and chill while she changes clothes and gets freshened up to go to lunch with you. You stare at her perfect body and get hard. You wish you could jerk off to her. She notices that you are hard and tells you that it's perfectly ok if you jerk off to her. You are such a loyal friend (obviously in the friend zone) and dont get to fuck her, but she doesnt mind to show off for you while you cum. She is even offering to let you cum on her stomach. She is seriously the best friend ever! She teases and lets you cum, but you are denied fucking her. It's better than nothing.