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houseplant Dec 30 2015

Love those full, milky tits. I'll insta-buy any more vids like this :D

alphacee Nov 11 2015

wow ur breast look great u should do another vid playing with urself maybe a cute outfit. that thing would sale like hotcakes

camgirllover10 Nov 28 2015
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if breastmilk is something you are into get this vid! it is short but so perfect

Auturgist Nov 23 2015
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Honestly, there's not a lot to this video, but I assume this is because it was requested. It's a pretty simple video of Zoey hand expressing milk from her amazing breasts, so if that's your thing, I think you will be pleased. There's no dirty talk, no plot -- it's just a little over five minutes of her fondling and squeezing her gorgeous breasts to express milk into a container. The only technical issues with the video are the sound quality -- there's a bit of static noise that permeates the video -- and the fact that the camera occasionally refocuses itself. No other issues. As far as the direction, I'm not sure what else there is to say about it. It has a sexy little surprise ending, if you can call it that... but otherwise, it's what you would expect from the description. :)

Butterking69 Nov 24 2015
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If milking is something you love then this video is perfect!
Zoey's tits are so round and plump you just can't look away
When she milks it makes you want to suck on them all day
The way she holds her tits while she milks makes me melt.

Naty123 Nov 23 2015
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Beautiful girl massaging her big perky boobs, that should be already enough to say ^^. The title and desciption delivers what it is promising and Zoey is expressing the milk by hand. There is no distracting music playing in the background and you can focus on the beautiful sight, though the computer noises are mostly faintly hearable. Yet, you still can occassionally hear the dripping sound the milk makes when it hits the container. I would say it is definitely a nice video for anyone who is specifically into milking - with a lovely endling!

houseplant Oct 25 2015
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Wow. Just incredible tits. More please!!

daveed_rh Sep 25 2015
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Short but sweet, get this if it's your thing

A highly requested video of me hand expressing my breast milk! You can hear the milk hitting the bowl