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(60fps) You and I are both laying around my room. It's hot, but I've kept my knee high socks on. My pants are on the floor and I'm smiling. You tell me I have a pretty smile. My braces have always given me a slight boost in self-confidence, despite their reputation. Other girls don't know what I know. They don't get it. Some guys really do think braces are sexy! And I'm going to test your fetish to the limit. How long can you last while stroking to my braces? I'm going to let you stare at them for 30 seconds straight, on one condition. You aren't allowed to touch your cock! ...You'll touch yourself as I tell you to, soon, and for a long while. If you're good and patient, you'll see my braces extremely close-up. I'll count down from 10 to your inevitable cum shot and moan for your load. How could you resist cumming all over my pretty smile then? Includes:braces fetish, jerk off instruction, JOI, cum countdown, extreme close-ups, 30 second close-up, masturbation instruction, dirty talk,