Cum on My Tongue

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8,032 4.7
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zemisus Jun 8 2016

Would love to see this with red lipstick!

YourSugarDaddy Jun 29 2015

hot tongue :)

USMCPA Apr 17 2014

She would give the best BJ ever...

JEC007 - Top reviewer Apr 30
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I love this video! One of my favs!!!!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Jun 6 2016
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The beautiful Ada begs for you to cum on her tongue. She has a dildo that the she sucks on as well.

grin4mycamera - Top reviewer Oct 31 2015
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I was initially concerned this was going to be a camgirl session recording, and it may be, but it does not feel like it. The model is beautiful, eyes are a A+, the focus is as the title says so she is encouraging us to cum on her tongue, and she does a great job of it, there is not much cock/dildo sucking or demonstration of her oral skills in this video, but if you are a mouth/tongue guy this video works, if you are a cum encouragement guy this will work too. I would love to see this model execute a story line script she might just be perfect for it. Video GOOD Audio GOOD (music in background, but is not annoying, works well with scene.