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M0m lies on her bed fully dressed in casual clothes holding a book. Son is sitting on the same bed fully dressed looking at porn on a laptop. The screen is angled away from m0m. "Are you done your homework or are you looking up naked girls again? I knew it! And right in front of your own mother you little pervert." She says playfully. She sighs, "Do you want to show mommy what it is that you're so fascinated by? Come on! What's the big deal? It's just porno, everybody looks at porno. I'm just wondering what you are into these days." S0n shows her the laptop. "Holy ! Wow, okay. Porno is not what it used to be is it? So this is what you like?" S0n nods. "Oiled up butts and boobs? Cum flying everywhere? Oh come on, don't be shy, you know I'm a cool mom. I'm probably the coolest mom around!" She looks back at the computer. "So this video, 'titty-fucked-milf,' this turns you on?" Son nods. "Have you ever fucked a girl's tits?" Son shakes head no, and mom is a bit relieved. "Okay. I didn't t