No More Puppies Napping on the Bed!

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279 5.0
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Imadjinn Jun 13
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Extremely hot spanking, especially when it gets slow-motion. Seeing her sexy ass gently ripple with each smack is divine.

thank you so much! We love playing around with slow-mo for spanking, and it's nice to know someone appreciates that slow-mo booty jiggle on her cute butt as much as I do :A

Puppies are NOT allowed on the bed! Little pup Cupcake is very lucky they’re at a pet-friendly hotel but she knows the rules, whether they’re at home or not. Miss Fiona walks in to find a napping puppy on the bed, and punishes her. Spanking her with hands, a paddle, a cane, the pup does such a good job that she gets nipple clamps and some edging. Will she be a good enough puppy to get to cum? Only if she stays off the bed!
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