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Hey... So the book that we all finished this week - Boundries - is really good, right? I did finish it up, and I felt like it really... resonated with me in my own life. I feel a connection to it. I want to give an example of a time when boundaries can be put up... but then... explored. She looks at you. Suddenly, your cheeks are red. She's putting you on the spot in front of the book club. You know what this is about. Last night, you told her one of your fantasies - to try your own cum. It didn't go over very well. Now she wants to bring it up in front of everyone in your book club? This can't be happening. You fall into your chair, until you see her lift her dress up and tell you to stroke for the group. Your problems can be an example to the group, she says. Rubbing her pussy, your cock gets hard... you're in for a treat, and your first cum eating experience will be a public one.