2B: Lust Virus

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28,910 5.0
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Go57gs Jan 27

Wasup how much for pvt video chat

valezma Jan 15

I like that you try hard to voice act how the character actually sounds like it’s inpressively close

Thank you so much <3

Plz do more of 2b

That's an odd request for someone who didn't even buy this video

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An absolutely amazing cosplay video. Berpl reminds us yet again that she truly is royalty. This is a fantastic 2B costume, the sexual nature is so intense I could barely contain myself, and her editing is top-notch. Anybody who even remotely enjoys cosplay porn should buy this clip right away. I'm going to go watch it again.

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I have to admit this is very sexy, a solid 5 out of 5, also your ahegao face is such a turn on.

DrCube - Top reviewer Oct 3
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I can't imagine how many hours of post-production went into this. The voice work, video effects, plot, Berpl is on top of her game!!

XAsianLoverX - Top reviewer Sep 30
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For anybody who loves princessberpl and all the hard work she puts into the videos for us should definitely get this video as wow princessberpl looks and acts amazing in this totally worth the wait for this video keep up the beautiful vids.

Mjc5436 Mar 5
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Staying in character Princessberpl does it again. Cosplay as 2B excellent and pulls it off this video is a must buy for those who are into android ahegao anal play this is for you. Thanks Princessberpl looking forward to your next video.

DCS777 - Top reviewer Oct 11
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This was my custom. Berpl looks absolutely incredible as 2B. This video is a must buy. Dont even bother continuing to read, buy this. All Berpl's videos are an insane bargain for the hours of work she puts in. Also the many many many times youll watch and rewatch. It was exactly what I was hoping for. 2B gets corrupted by a lust virus and cant go on. Her pod gently then aggresively fucks her pussy as she starts slipping into desire. Then 9S fucks her ass for a long time with different angles and lots of hot action. Then various weird and erotic dildos go to town. It all ends in a multiple cumshot on her amazing ass as she shakes and bounces it. Her ahegao game is top tier. This was incredible. The ending with all the dicks and the cum and the ass focus was my absolute favorite part and it was just so good. This is a real amazing video though, the multiple angles, spliced audio thoughts, the graphics, the sounds, the editing, the camerawork. I watch her stuff like an erotic art film. It goes so far beyond fun porn into such amazingly well polished filmography and hard work. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

illpalazzo - Top reviewer Feb 26
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really enjoy it you are a very sexy 2B

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Oct 27
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Always the kinkiest cosplay. Perfect body, awesome booty.

EVERYONE has been infected with a lust virus. It's spreading from wild life to android and at the center is 2B. Nano pheromones have managed to infect everyone around her. They are replacing what was once a rich and intelligent world with a hedonistic paradise where fucking 2B is their only desire. Will 2B be able to maintain her composure and not lose her mind to this virus? Or will she allow herself to be subdued by lust and thrown into an unknown world of constant pleasure? Get this video to find out... though I'm certain the preview gives you a good idea of the outcome ;)
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