Ruined Orgasm

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871 5.0
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RuinLover Feb 12 2017
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This is fantastic. When she pulls her toys off to ruin, it seems that the void of sensation is more than she is expecting and thinks she hasn't gone over the edge when she actually has. She then briefly tries to get there by putting the toy back on her clit only to realize she actually is cumming and it's just not as enjoyable. Se quickly pulls it off and rides out the ruin. The she goes for another immediately (in the span of about a minute) and ruins it as well seeming to know what to expect the last time.

A fantastic ruin. Her unexpectedness for the first ruin really makes it all the better. Would love to see more.

(1080p Canon T5) Originally ordered as a custom Misty is instructed to masturbate for as long as she can until the point of orgasm. Then she has to stop touching herself, what a tease! She uses multiple toys on her clit, pussy, and ass to get off (multiple vibrators, a dildo, and a princess butt plug).