Feed My Greed



British / Wales
8:11 min - Oct 02 - .MP4 - 2.05 GB - 3840x2160 HD
Uh oh it looks like it is that time of year again- and my greedy side is fully on show. In this clip wearing a ruffled greedy goddess dress, I tease and sensually degrade you into giving me exactly what I want. You love giving to goddess it means you finally exsist to me.. and that the most important thing to you.. I am your priority. Using you as a wallet is becoming a hobby of mine, it feels so natural to give into me. Especially when my cleavage covered in dollar bills from the dress mentally stimulating you to give me more and more. You make money look so dirty! Giving to me is the start of your new life and my greedy side is so unapologetically ruthless. Including triggers to further humiliate and Torment your mind and wallet into falling into my greedy trap. Tribute Tanya