Compelled Intox Striptease POV


Elena De Luca

American / NYC
10:07 min - Sep 24 - .MP4 - 268.01 MB


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Such a good slave, pampering your mistress with shopping and a big comfy hotel room to relax in. Bad slave for thinking that would get to enjoy it all with me. You just put me in a good mood and when I'm in a good mood I like to play. Tonight you have to pay to play. Here are the rules: Get yourself a bottle and some beers. You will sip as much or as little as I say to see a little more of me. I decide when you have had enough to see my tits, how long you get to peak at my ass. If you can even sip enough to earn a look at my perfect pussy. By the time I'm done you'll be so tipsy you wont even be able to get your dick up to jerk off to what you saw. sip up, Elena De Luca