Wife Works On Your Sexuality



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Your beautiful wife is laid out on the bed in hot corset and crotch-less pantyhose. She is obviously dolled up for you, but you can't figure out the occasion. Is it your anniversary? No. Hm. This is a bit out of the ordinary, so you pry about it. She admits that she wanted to dress up to have a conversation with you. While you're distracted by her sexiness, she hopes her message will come across loving and not cause issues. The message, she says as she spreads her legs and rubs her clit, is that she wants to bring someone else into the bedroom. Your cock jumps, but you're not sure how you feel about it. This is all just part of your great relationship, trying something different. She knows how open-minded you are. The plea changes though as she gives the option of you simply watching as she's pounded by another man. In order to give you an idea of how it would be, she purchased a fat black dildo. Really, she says, it's for you both to enjoy