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This isn't just any jerk off instruction video, today we are going to do something else. You are never going to forget it, you will remember this day forever. It's a special treat just for YOU! This will bring us so much closer too, as you follow my every command. Now sit back and relax, start jerking for me. I know this outfit is driving you insane. My sexy nipples poking through, oh how bad you want to see them. I know you want it. Keep going for me, good. Work that cock for me! You are going to cum for yourself, that's right. You are going to cum everywhere and it's going to feel oh so good. Follow my direction and sit just like this and I want you to cum in your own face. Oh yes that's right, you are going to take a load to the face just for me! I don't care if you don't like it. You will do as I say because you want to make me happy now keep jerking and prepare yourself. Jerk to my movements and let yourself lose control. Jump up in that position I showed you and cum for me! Come on, cum for me!! - Mikaela
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