Wife Responds To Fetish Coming To Light



American / Fetish Land
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Walking in from a long day at work, you are happily surprised to see that your wife is looking extra sexy on the bed with a wine glass. She seems fine, but then she tells you that she has been cruising the internet today. Immediately, you think about what you might have been looking at... She says she's confused, doesn't quite understand what it means to be "into" burping. All the sexy girls, she says she gets that, but the burping itself seems kind of gross. Ahhhh, she gets it now. The turn on is that it's not something you'd see a girl doing normally. Admitting that she was at first upset, she wants to be part of this fetish of yours. She is dolled up with a glass in bed for a reason. Suggesting you whip it out and stroke with every burp, you know you'll be blowing a load for her in no time.