Time to Get Rid of the Balloons



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I got the balloons as a present, and I used to play with them EVERY evening! My mom would hang them, and I would open the window so I could say the wind took them, just so I could play with them! My mom came in my room while she was cleaning one day. She was annoyed that the balloons were not hanging again. Before I could say something, she said, "No discussion, these balloons should go." She went to the table to grab something to pop them with. She picked up a dull pencil. "This should do it! So, should we tear them?" I shook my head. "Shall I pop them or not? Last chance. I will pop them eventually. Yesterday, I came in and the balloons were on the floor. I was so angry, I almost popped them then!" I wanted to say something, but the pencil was still on the balloon. I ended up just making a stupid sound. She said, "Huh?" When she said that, she lifted the pencil off of the balloon. That was my chance to save them!!! I could have said anything, or No, I don't want them popped!.....