Brat Daughter Trained to Please 1080p

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1,220 4.5
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If you can look past the hair it’s a great hj/bj video with some extra taboos thrown in for good measure.

astoria2016 Feb 18 2016
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This video is off the charts! It is an 11 on a scale of 10. Wow! Princess Leia knows how to play the role perfectly. If you're inot these types of videos, she is a MASTER. I love her natural look (except for her pierced tongue) and her sexy, dirty talk. And she performs just about the slowest, most sensuos blowjob around. If I had enough money, I'd be tempted to buy all of her videos!! Keep em cuming!

(60fps) Daddy, I just have to say, you've really let yourself go since Mom left us. I mean, I think I've handled it really well, but you... You're still working a poor job and you haven't had a girlfriend in so long. If you think you can get a girl as young as mom's new boyfriend, I'm sorry but that's a pipe dream. He's what, practically my age? Us young girls just don't go for single dads your age. Really, what's your plan--oh, tea? Thanks... I guess? Oh, Dad..dy, I feel really funny. It must be the... Sorry, I just need to spread my legs a bit, it's so hot in here... oh my god, Daddy! Wha- I'm not touching myself on purpose, I promise! What the, why are you just sitting there? Wh... I think I'm losing control of my... * Yes, Daddy. I'm in your control. I'm an obedient daughter. You tell me what to do and I'll do it right away. Touch you, lick you, suck you, deep throat you... make you cum? Yes, Master. Video Includes: HD taboo, female training, MC, following orders, daddy's girl, blowjob, handjob, cum in mouth, facial, spit, sexy voice, blank stare, staring, (unspoken) eye fetish, brat daughter, topless, trained, extended eye contact, hairy, braces, princess, leia, princess leia, amateur, porn