Its All About YOU HD

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This session is going to be all about you and your pleasure. All you have to do is follow my every command. You are going to have the best orgasm you have ever had in your entire life. Now start jerking that cock for me, nice and slow. Big strokes for me, work that dick while I tease the living out of you. Now keep stroking as you stare at this perfect body. I want you to wank it until you cum for me and cum in your hand and lick up every drop for me. That's right and I want you to imagine that it's my sweet pussy juices youre licking up. It's going to taste so sweet and delicious! Good go on keep it going, pump it, and pump it! Mmmm that's right loser cum for me! Now lick it all up and think about how good my pussy juice taste! HA look at you, doesn't taste good at all does it? What a loser! - Electra