Get High For Me Part 2 HD

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I am going to take you right back to that special place on cloud nine. I love taking to this perfect place of bliss and euphoria. You love feeling that rush as those quickly take control and my angelic voice becomes God like. This time it's going to be even more intense than the last time. Now stop teasing me and get them out! Take a nice big sniff for me! Ohhh yes I love watching that look on your face as your mind starts to sway back and forth. Look how hard you are for me, I love it! Now take another hit for me. Now start stroking that cock for me as you feel that rush run through your veins. I know how much you love this body of mine. It drives you weak, keep stroking don't stop just watch as I slowly undress for you. Mmmm yes this is my favorite part, watching those eyes roll in and out of your head. I know how happy this makes you and now its my turn, take another hit and send me a nice big tribute. That's it, now bring yourself to the edge and take one last giant hit for me and feel that head spin uncontrollably as you cum all over the place! Just wait until next time loser, our next session is going to be even more intense! - Mikaela
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