Pretty in Purple

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American / Denial
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Jeraimee Apr 4 2016
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PrincessMia gives you exactly what you want! For lovers of her, purple or DP masturbation - this video has you covered! She's fantastic in purple or any color!

JCM2000 Sep 27
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Princess Mia's got skills. She's multitasking in the most erotic way here possible. Love watching and listening to her enjoy herself. Also I'm not a foot guy, but Mia's making me realize I have a thing for socks.

What do a dildo, a vibrator, a vibrating butt plug, my lipticks, panties, and knee socks all have in common? They're all purple! Join me as stuff my holes with toys and bring myself to an unbelievable orgasm, all while wearing my adorable knee socks and pigtails!