92515A Kiss Me

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Dana Vixen

American / USA
189 4.0
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uncleminh Mar 5 2016
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A pretty good fetish video, if you're a fan of lips, you'll enjoy this, if not, i'm not so sure this is for you. Very heavy on Lips/lipstick fetish stuff, but that's exactly what this video is about, and it does a good job at it too.

Based on a custom request, but no names are used. I sit in front of you with no lipstick on and greet you. Slowly I apply my lipstick and lipgloss and tease you, getting in closer as I do so. I kiss you gently, softly. Then lean in more and press my lips to yours, leaving marks all over you. You get dizzy, overwhelmed by my kisses. We pause for you to gather yourself together before going at it more. Deeper, tounges together, heavily making out until I am so wet, my pussy dripping and aching for your touch so much that I know what we need--to get your pants off. mov 480p small file edition