Sexy Teacher Helps You Concentrate

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Lady Fyre

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590 4.5
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Lady Fyre Sep 30 2015

Hi Dononic. Sure, I do custom clips. $20/min for sex videos. Let me know what you'd like in it.

doninic Sep 30 2015

Could you fuck him in that outfit? xxxx

cbp1989 Mar 1 2017
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great video...everything in the description was accurate! please make more wristwatch videos please!

HornedUpWatcher deleted Oct 25 2015
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The dirty talk and dialogue is a little unnatural/forced, but you gotta love the "i'm superior to you" glare she keeps shooting your way. The ending is great and even includes a slo-mo recap of the fireworks.

I've been tutoring you for a while now, but today you show up early. I look at my watch & am irritated that you'd interrupt my work. I ask you why you're early & you tell me that you can't concentrate on your lessons because I'm too sexy. I tell you that I have a solution but we'll have to make it quick. I instruct you to pull down your pants, and I give you a handjob. I'm a bit mechanical about it. I flash you a smile once in a while, but mostly I just want to get this done so I can go back to doing my job. Whenever you moan, I tell you to shut up. I tell you to hurry up & cum so we can get to your lesson. I stroke your cock fast & faster until you explode into an orgasm.
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Lady Fyre
American / Seattle
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Lady Fyre
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