Lana Rain Legacy Compilation Vol 3

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
21,574 5.0
04:08:12 hours - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 3.72 GB - 854x480


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Where is Vol 2?

I bought Vol1 a few months back and absolutely loved it, I wouldn't want to miss out on classic Lana!

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AlessioM1992 - Top reviewer Jan 25
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Great way of seeing your progression over the years

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Amazing amount of content for the price. A great buy in my opinion.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Oct 10
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This is another personal review. Now I was in New Jersey. New York while Lana was coming up with this video. it was the first time I saw here com up with an idea on how to make a Legacy video. I have seen here reflect on how much she has changed in the past 4 to almost 5 years of camming. I have only known here for 3 and a half years, and I can definitely see how much she has improved over the years. Look at her cosplay in this video vs her cosplays today. much better today than it was back than. The reason I love this legacy videos, was not just because I have seen her working on it, but also to reflect how much Lana has improved as a model and a person. So even though I had little to no help on this, I am glad to be a close friend to you Lana. I will continue to see how much you improve.

[A-Tier][No-Plot][Compilation] 4 hours worth of content of my 18 year old self, contains some of my first ever cosplays such as Yui from K-on! and stocking from PSG which were both pretty terrible, I've come a long way. (: