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Princess Peach Virtual Sex Mario Dungeon

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American / Hyrule
1,637 5.0
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(HD 1080p) Ever wonder what happened after Mario saves Princess Peach in the video games? Well now you'll get to see first hand! ;) Oh Mario! I knew you'd come for me!!! Bowser stole me from you but I never lost hope! I've baked you a cake for your triumphant return to me! *sweet kiss* :3 Oh, Mario.. It's been so lonely being locked away in this cold, dark dungeon. My Vibe Scepter hasn't been enough to fill the hole.. I know it's not very Princess like, but Mario.. that plumber booty is too hot! Would you... maybee~ *shyly looks away* do me right here in the dungeon?!? ;) Side note: I made this vid to celebrate Mario Maker coming out cause I'm an uber dork! XD
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