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47,919 5.0
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John6172 - Top reviewer Nov 9
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The beautiful Karen Materia starts off talking to us in a very sexy soft voice. She shows off her boobs to us and asks us if we like them. She gets them hard by squeezing her nipples, massaging her breasts and finally licking and kissing them. Then Karen shows us the bumpy glass dildo. This is what she'll be using tonight. The dildo has bumps for added pleasure and she kisses it and licks it. Karen is super horny because when she inserts the dildo in her pussy; her pussy is really moist and juicy. And she cums after a short time of having the dildo inserted. Karen talks dirty to us by wanting us to cum inside her too. "Her cum and our cum mixing together." This video has awesome views of Karen masturbating with her glass dildo. The views are from over the top (where she shows off her big titties and smiles at us a lot and does her dirty talking) to down below (where she is creaming, breathing heavy and moaning ). Both views are very hot! After pulling out, Kay licks her glass dildo clean and starts over and over again. The intensity of her pushing the dildo in and out gradually increases. She orgasms a second and third time. Finally, she sticks her middle finger in her pussy and licks some ejaculate off onto her fingers. Karen then smiles at us. She laughs and pretty much has had fun during this video. (It is kind of an edge movie too as she wants us to cum at the same time that she is cumming.) This is an outstanding video! Karen is very sexy and gorgeous. I liked this video. Perfect. Five stars!

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Amazing video. She had so much cum, and her voice is so sexy

Come close and see what youve been looking for. 10 minute video of greatness
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