Three Fingers Deep


Ashley Sinclair

American / Clearwater
5:14 min - Sep 28 - .MP4 - 167.75 MB


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I was out on the lake with some of my guy friends (when I was just a and they wanted to help me make a "video". I'm sure they just wanted me to get naked and watch me finger myself for them but I went along with it. I never even thought about posting it on my website or anything (until now). I thought it'd be fun to show you what they saw.... which was me naked in the middle of the lake masturbation and shoving three fingers inside myself knuckles deep until I came in front of them. Im a kinky girl... what can I say? I could see the smiles on their faces and the hard ons they were getting i n their pants. They wanted to fuck me so bad when that was over, but I didnt let them. I bet they jerked off when they got home that evening though.