Fur goddesses in a new car



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This is both the clips, where Nola and I try on luxurious mink and beaver fur coats, and then I show off all the head on furs. LOTS of excellent dialog as I seduce her into agreeing that I am the ultimate goddess. Wasn't it FUN to go shopping on that pathetic guy's credit card? Guess what? He sent me a brand new car, too! I totally want to take it for a test drive. I told him to fill it with furs, because you can't enjoy the luxury life style without alot of fur coats. Nola is shocked. I explain to her that furs are meant to be on beautiful women like us. She reluctantly tries the mink fur coat on... Then she tries the beaver fur coat on, and LOVES it. I wear the mink fur. She strokes the mink as I wear it. It's so fun! All furs look best on Me, but Nola is pretty awesome, too.... We show off and stroke the furs, and talk about furs... At the end she sits in the driver's seat, and I open the back door and reveal MORE furs- the head on furs are in the back seat!  Oh my! Look at all these gifts of furs in the back of this new car! There's raccoon fur, muskrat furs, mink furs, and more. I am so greedy, I can never get enough furs. I love how these animals lived and died for me. Nola is super impressed and awed. I pile all the furs in her lap. She tries one on over the beaver fur coat that she's wearing, and I think she looks so sexy. I am such a goddess and who knows, who cares, men tribute. It's such a primitive joy. Men go hunt, bring me back the meat and the furs, and I might get turned on enough to fuck the one who brings me the most. Nothing is better than a bed of furs, rolling around in abed of furs, or having sex in furs that other men bought you. Sometimes it takes more than one man to keep up with my sexual and financial appetite. I can spend money as fast as one man can make it, so it takes at least 3 men. I am not a low maintenance goddess! Girls nights are the best, because there is nothing like spending money from various men, and treating my girl friends, without any men. My girlfriends are all so jealous of all my power, luxurious gifts, and fur coats! I tell Nola that she is a goddess and deserves similar. If a guy can only come once, then she needs more than one lover. Never settle, because your hands can do good enough!
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