Get Fuck Up, Stroke, and Send


Goddess Venus

American / NYC
17:57 min - Oct 17 - .MP4 - 492.89 MB - 1280x720 HD


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You love getting fucked up with me. You love drinking yourself into a stupor. So take shot after shot for me until your well past buzzed. And once I get you tipsy I know it’s so much easier to get my way. I’m manipulative as fuck. You should know I’m only getting you tipsy for my own benefit. I fuck you up so I can drain your bank account. It’s so much harder to say “no” when you’re impaired, and just look at me. How could you ever say no? Stroke exactly how I tell you to. I’ve got you tipsy and horny, and you’ll do anything I say. So tribute when I say tribute. And stroke exactly how I tell you to. If you want to cum at the end you’ll have to pay for that too. Duh! Nothing comes (or cums) for free with me