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(60fps) Daddy, I'm SO hungry, there's nothing in this house to eat! I'm starving. You have to go grocery shopping. Ugh, I just need something - anything! - to put in my mouth... Hm? I guess cum has some protein in it and stuff,... hehe Okay Daddy, feed me with your cum! Fill my tummy up with that big load you've got for me. I can tell- your balls are so swollen and big. I'm going to have to deep throat your stiff cock to satisfy my cravings right now. Then we can go to the store and I'll get to pick out whatever I want, right Daddy? Video Includes: taboo, blowjob, cum in mouth, cum eating, braces fetish, daddy's girl, daddy/daughter, sloppy blowjob, slutty daughter, hungry and horny, princess leia, princess, leia, porn